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Thai Food Guelph

Blue Chopstix Restaurant is an Asian fusion restaurant that serves Thai food in Guelph along with Hakka Chinese food.  A Thai restaurant in Guelph that is your final stop for “Thai food near me” is one of our ultimate goals.  We are a family owned restaurant that has perfected some of the recipes in the Thai Kitchen and we do use a lot of our recipes after years of experience in cooking Thai food.  Some of our favorite items on the Menu are actually Thai food items like the Pad Thai, Thai Ginger Beef, Thai Yellow Curry Beef, Thai Chilli Prawns, Thai Green Curry Chicken, Thai Chilli Chicken, Thai Crispy Chicken and a whole lot more.

Sauces are all made in house which makes these dishes authentic and traditional to the taste.  Thai Food does require a good blend of spices for the texture, smell and taste of the dish to stand out and we do a great job at it in Blue Chopstix- Hakka Chinese and Thai Cuisine.  People tend to usually ask what is the difference between Hakka Chinese and Thai style foods when cooking?  The answer is the style and spices of the dish varies for some while others it can be ways apart.  We have tried very to keep the Thai Guelph people happy with our distinctive tastes and we just hope to continue forward in the same direction.  Serving Thai halal food Guelph is a major plus to some of our patrons and we are proud of our selection of meats for our cooking process.  In the months ahead, we do plan on increasing our Thai food selections with more items on the menu that cater to Thai community Guelph and we are sure to keep everyone informed through our blog posts.  Guelph Thai food is very limited to the number of restaurants serving good quality Thai in Guelph and we are happy to be one of the only few that has so much variety along with Hakka Chinese in Guelph.  We have people visiting our restaurant from various parts on Ontario like Milton, Kitchener, Ashburn and so many other places and we are only going to be growing.  We are thankful to the community for being supportive and loving the food.  We have a long ways to go before Thai restaurant Guelph is synonymous to Blue Chopstix Restaurant and we are only working towards that as one of our main goals.  We also have a lot of patrons from India and Pakistan that are searching for the next Thai Indian Restaurant or the Indian thai food as some may call it with higher spice levels and are here to say we cater to your taste buds too.  Thai delivery Guelph is one of our services we do offer, so the next time if you are searching for Thai Food Guelph or Thai Food Kitchener, then be sure to check us out and stop by our restaurant for some exemplary customer service, neat and clean environment but also amazing Thai food all served by experienced Chefs that are ready to tickle your taste buds with their fusion recipes.

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  1. HI,
    I just found this place yesterday, was a bit iffy when i saw Hakka Food, as i always go to Missisagua for this, so anyway i convinced my family to try it out as it was my sons birthday. So we show up at the restaurant and parking lot looks empty, so as usual all the questions come about, should we, shouldnt we, as we normally judge the place based on how many people are there…

    Well we went in, they were welcoming…. and got the menu and looked a familiar items on the menu and ordered the fish pakora and deep fried calamari… wow it was amazing… exactly what i had imaginged it to be and more, was like back home in India the flavour and the spice level was hot…. The green mint and chilly dip was great

    Then we went on and ordered the main course… chicken, beef, fried rice and noodle’s awesome food and funny my gang cleared two bottles of the extra hot sauce on the table even that was great..

    Overall we are not making the trip anymore to Mississauga .. Blue Chopstick it is…. Kudoos

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